McSence has a fundamental belief in the empowerment of less privileged communities to help themselves to regenerate by encouraging partnerships, self-help and increased public awareness.

The business must come first, because without a thriving sustainable company, the community cannot benefit and sustained by the philosophy – “community businesses empower people”.  The business is owned by the local community and is governed by an unpaid Board of Directors. It is asset locked, which prevents any shareholders, or individuals from making any personal financial gain.

All profits generated are reinvested in the business, or in the local communities. McSence benefits local people by:

  • Using commercial profits to fund community activities
  • Relieving pressure on other sources of community support
  • Using local resources and assets to deliver community solutions
  • Increasing the value of community owned assets
  • Harnessing the values derived from commercial enterprise to benefit the wider society

Over the last 30 years, McSence has developed a reputation as an innovative and creative organisation, with the skills to deliver commercial solutions to social issues. It has become highly regarded by both the public and private sectors.

Our fundamental belief is about empowering communities to help themselves. By increasing public awareness, maximising the value of Social Capital and encouraging partnerships, self-help in local communities is actively promoted.

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